Overview about ICT in Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe is a developing country in the Southern African region. With a population of about 16 million people. We have experienced a high increase in the use of ICT and mobile app technology during the inclusive government (GNU) in 2008 to 2013. The following are the jobs ICT personal can get and make a living here in Zimbabwe despite the economic challenges.

1. Programmers – Zimbabwe is in need of people who can design and develop world class software’s for the Country. There is a great opportunity to excel in terms of software engineers that know Java and php( hypertext preprocessor) which are the most commonly used programming language and  now python is getting more users with the  whole of artificial intelligence and machine learning which is emerging. Banks, telecommunication companies such as Econet and other big organizations such as Zimbabwe revenue authority (ZIMRA), DELTA just to mention a few are hiring programmers and they are being paid well despite the economic challenges that we face. Some good programmers have fled the Country and they are being paid well in countries such as South Africa, Botswana and Namibia and the reason why you should computer science is that you can work anywhere in the world and you can do distance learning or learn on youtube. There is a quit number of people who are successful because of computer science.

2. Network engineers and systems administrators- most organizations in Zimbabwe are now having ICT department which is a standalone department. And because of this there is need for specialized system administrators and network engineers who are there to manage networks and computer systems that is hardware and software. Most companies here in Zimbabwe they have system administrators and also Nongovernmental organizations also hires systems administrators that will administer their systems for them to achieve their goals.

3. Mobile application developers- 2020 is the year for good mobile app developers here in Zimbabwe. This is because we have seen a great improvement in mobile apps being used.  For example all banks they have their mobile applications on the play store. Not only that we also have kwese influx for entertainment   and many more just to mention a few. So there is a possibility that mobile application developers will make it starting at end of 2019 up to 2023.

4. ICT managers – most top organizations such as banks and non-governmental organizations they have ICT managers. And because of that people they have to advance their ICT skills to be prepared and to be ready for ICT managerial posts.

5. More jobs are Computer Science lectureship, data scientists, graphics designers, database administrators, web developers, ICT consultants and many more. The is quit great opportunity in the field of computer science.

Challenges of our ICT sector in Zimbabwe

  • Lack of real programmers. A lot of people went to school doing computer science, IS and ICT for 4 years but those years will be wasted. Lots of them can’t even develop a WordPress website. Most  of the self-proclaimed ICT companies in Zimbabwe they only focus on web development which is of websites not web apps and  because of that you will end up thinking that you know whilst you know nothing. Again since there are just few tech companies in Zimbabwe as compared to South Africa, most graduates in Zimbabwe will be attached to organizations which doesn’t do any programming at all and because of that they will graduate without any experience.

Recommendations to aspiring computer scientists

  • Computer science is the best course of the century and with computer science you can work anywhere in the world, hence because of that when enrolling in computer science make sure that you have passion and you really love computers or else you are just wasting your time and money. Please follow your passion.
  • Make sure that if you really love programming make sure that when you are at college try to link up with people who are already in the field and when asked to do projects try to solve real problems rather than just doing a project to finish your degree. It’s better to get a 3 degree class in computer science but you really know the practical side rather than having distinctions. Am not saying distinctions are bad, they are really good and usually when companies are hiring they normally invite those with first class degree for interviews but what is important is to be practical and try to learn every day and try to build a portfolio of projects.

Tell us what you think, be free to comment and to add more information and more ICT jobs available for ICT people in Zimbabwe.


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