Best IT technology software in Zimbabwe


•Instacom is a communications company providing world class communication and traceability solutions. These solutions are suitable for small and large scale organisations in the security, military, logistics, cleaning, healthcare, mining and construction sectors. Its innovation and commitment to quality service for its clients has made sure that instacom is established as a market leader in Africa.

•Technology has changed dramatically  over the last 5 years. Has your organisation kept up? • •Its time to replace your two way radio with PTT by Instacom

•Push to Talk is a two way communication service offering the stability of mobile phones than that of traditional two way radio systems. PTT uses cell-phone networks for communication. Communication can be one-on-one, one to many, or in broadcast groups. Allows instant voice communication .Comes as a simple application that can be incorporated into almost any smartphone, reducing the need for additional mobile radios. There is no need to carry both a mobile phone and radio devices. 

•Push to Locate is designed to locate and track mobile staff movements for increased safety and worker efficiency.

•The Push to Alert function acts as a mobile panic feature available on any Instacom device and comes free with Push to Locate service. Push to Alert is a mobile Panic Button. Instacom devices feature a dedicated panic button to improve the safety of lone workers. With the push of a button, the location of that device will be displayed and emergency notifications will be automatically sent to all pre-determined recipients.

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